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Coloured Pencil Academy

The Coloured Pencil Academy is designed to be a comprehensive coloured pencil drawing program with everything you need to be able to pick any reference you want and create beautiful, realistic coloured pencil drawings all on your own so you’ll never need another art tutorial or video again. If you’re just starting out, it will give you the essential framework to start creating more realistic drawings. If you’ve used coloured pencils before but your drawings didn’t look realistic, you’ll learn how to create drawings that are as good as anything you’ve seen from the top artists on YouTube and Instagram and even if you’ve been drawing for years, this course will show you how to master more complicated references like animals and portraits as well as dramatically speeding up your workflow. By the end of the course, you will be able to start creating art from references of your choosing.


Legacy Art Collection

The Legacy Art Collection covers a variety of different media and focuses on how to draw specific reference images in coloured pencil, watercolour, charcoal, graphite, pastel, and more! The content included in the Legacy Art Collection is primarily tutorial based, where Kirsty chooses a reference and you can follow along with her as she goes through each step of the drawing process. The Legacy Art Collection includes 153 lessons in total. This collection is fantastic for any artist who is looking to continue challenging themselves and try new media and subject matter.


Drawing Decoded

Drawing Decoded was created with the beginner artist in mind. Drawing Decoded goes into much more detail on the fundamentals than any of her other courses. On top of that, it is the only course that really focuses on troubleshooting and how to problem solve your mistakes in real time versus learning a method or following along to a tutorial.If you’re just starting out, this is the best place to start. But even if you have years of experience, Drawing Decoded will give you a framework for troubleshooting your drawings and fill in any gaps in the fundamentals you might be missing.

All of Kirsty Partridge’s courses are self-paced online courses, so you can go through the lessons at any time that is convenient for you. Because you get lifetime access when you join, you don’t need to worry about your schedule getting busy now.   


If something does come up that prevents you from starting right away or slows down your progress, the course will always be available for you to pick up again whenever you have time to come back to it. 

In the very first level of both the Coloured Pencil Academy and Drawing Decoded, Kirsty shows you how you can complete the entire course with limited supplies.  She also provides a list of supplementary supplies that you can buy as you level up your skills and want to invest more into your drawing.


For the Legacy Art Collection course, because this course includes a vast range of different media (coloured pencil, watercolour, graphite, charcoal, pastel, etc), it would be required to purchase more supplies in order to complete this course. However, we encourage each student to work within their own budget and choose the supplies that are available to them (you don’t need to go out and purchase expensive supplies).

Kirsty’s courses are designed to be comprehensive programs with everything you need to be able to pick any reference you want and create beautiful, realistic artwork


On YouTube you would have to sift through years of videos, and it would only scratch the surface on what’s included in Kirsty’s courses.  

Depending on your prior experience, pace, and personal preferences, you may require more or less practice. 


Fortunately, the content of Kirsty’s courses will cut your learning process significantly and make it so you need minimal practice – just follow the techniques and methods shown in the course and we are confident that you will see results.

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Billing and Technical Support

All courses are available for electronic purchase using a debit or credit or card.


As soon as your payment is confirmed, you can expect to receive an email with your login details. Please bear in mind that this can take up to 1 business day, but typically your account is created immediately at the time of purchase and login details are sent promptly.


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Yes, we do accept payment via PayPal. On the checkout page, scroll down and select the “PayPal” option. This will prompt a new window to be opened with next steps to complete payment via PayPal. 

Yes!  When checking out, please select the payment plan option.  Each payment plan is comprised of three payments completed over three consecutive months.  The first charge is completed at the time of purchase.  The two remaining charges will be charged on the same credit card used during the initial purchase and on the same date during the two consecutive months.


For example, if you purchase a course with a payment plan on January 1st, your second charge will be completed on February 1st and your third charge on March 1st.

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All Kirsty Partridge courses come with a 30-day risk-free guarantee.


If you go through a course and don’t feel like it has met your expectations, write to my support team at within the guarantee period and we will refund you 100% of your purchase.

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